About Us

Indxx seeks to redefine the global indexing space. We create high quality, custom indices for our clients in a timely manner at the right price. Founded in 2005, Indxx has over 50 employees distributed across our headquarters in New York City and research offices in New Delhi and Prague.

Our business is focused on Index Development and Index Calculation and combines these services in a holistic, customized approach that is unique to the industry and provides maximum benefits to our clients.

In 2009, we launched our first indices that serve as the underlying benchmarks for ETFs. Since then, we have successfully developed and licensed a multitude of indices to clients globally, offer real-time and end of day calculation services, and also provide many fund managers with tailor-made research and analytics.

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Indxx has been developing and licensing indices to clients since 2005.
We capitalize on our strong in-house research capabilities and experience in financial markets to develop unique and innovative index concepts, either on our own in-house or at the request of our clients.

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Our index calculation business is designed to provide a simple, one-stop solution to all the indexing needs of our clients. We serve an entire range of institutional investors and investment managers

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  • Income
  • Alternative
Index Name Value Percentage Change
Indxx Hedged Dividend Income Index 2,777.02 image30.31%
Indxx SuperDividend Alternatives Index 1,881.83 image30.20%
Indxx Cryptocurrencies 100 Index 20,395.16 image3-0.35%
Indxx Cryptocurrencies 50 Index 20,376.12 image3-0.36%
Indxx Cryptocurrencies 25 Index 19,924.75 image3-0.39%
Indxx Cryptocurrencies 10 Index 20,449.51 image3-0.37%