INDEX Calculation

Years of experience in indexing, combined with our state of the art index calculation technology platform, allows us to serve as an efficient and high quality solution to all the indexing needs of our clients. From startups, asset managers and wealth managers to some of the world’s largest institutions, a diverse range of clients call on us for their index calculation needs.

  • Independent index back testing.
  • End of day and real time index calculation (through third party vendors).
  • Index maintenance and administration, including development of a methodology guidebook for corporate action treatment and rebalancing/reconstitution.
  • Custom-built websites, factsheets and other supporting index documentation.
  • Public dissemination of index data on exchanges and data vendors such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters.

With a global presence that ensures indices across markets are handled within their own respective time zones, we serve an entire range of institutional investors and investment managers, including issuers of Exchange-Traded Products, asset managers, banks, hedge funds, corporations, pension funds, market makers and other clients. With iNAV and IOPV calculation services in pipeline, Indxx aims to be the one-stop solution for all calculation needs for its clients.

  • Coverage of 80 countries and a broad spectrum of asset classes such as equities, fixed income, commodities, real estate, derivatives and other alternatives.
  • Strong capabilities in exotic products such as leveraged, short, and long-short portfolios, currency-hedged products, and other dynamic, smart beta variations.
  • Robust IT infrastructure with a system uptime of 99.95%, supported by established Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans.
  • Special focus on client confidentiality and data security.
  • An experienced team that provides 24x7 support to clients from multiple locations.

With investment managers increasingly looking at passive strategies as a cost-effective alternative to active strategies, we see ourselves not just as calculation agents but as fellow stakeholders in growth. In line with the requirements of our clients, we have the ability to create and maintain customized web pages with interactive charts, performance analysis and factsheets, to increase the visibility of indices/products maintained and calculated by our team.