Indxx & Exchange Traded Funds

In the past, many ETFs were able to launch and quickly gather significant assets with a minimum of marketing or sales efforts.

However, as the ETF space has become more crowded in recent years, it simply isn't enough anymore for a firm to launch a great product.

Growth of ETFs 2003-2017


Average AUM of New Funds by Launch Year


As the AUM of recent funds launched has dropped, a firm needs to break through the competitive space by offering a product that is unique and meets the needs of investors, and then clearly communicates this via superior marketing and sales collateral.

As shown in the graph below, one of our indices linked to an ETF launched in 2013 has far outperformed the average ETF by almost 456%, due in part to our coordinated approach.

ETF Assets linked to our IDIVP index


Indxx offers the following services to our clients:

Index & Fund Development

Indxx works closely with our clients to develop a fund and index that are best positioned to be unique and successful, via the following steps:

  • Initial Market & Competitive Landscape Research: Examining the relevant market for the planned fund and identify competing products.
  • Statistical Analysis: By utilizing sophisticated quantitative modeling as well as qualitative analysis, Indxx identifies key determinants of product success and ideal positioning.
  • Index Development & Construction: Based on our findings, Indxx develops an index, or works with the client to adjust their existing index methodology. This includes back testing and optimization.
  • Index Calculation, Maintenance & Dissemination: Upon finalization of the index, Indxx has the capability to handle all aspects of index calculation, maintenance and dissemination.

Post-Launch Sales & Marketing Support

Today, simply launching a great fund doesn't necessarily mean it will be a successful fund. Indxx can maximize the likelihood of success by giving our clients the marketing, research and sales collateral they need to target clients and gather assets, including:

  • Investment Case: A short 1-2 page note that concisely makes the case for a fund. Usually best for initial prospecting and retail clients.
  • Fund Rationale: A longer, 3-5 page briefing that includes more in-depth statistical analysis and research. Usually targeted to retail and institutional clients.
  • White Paper: An in-depth complete research paper that examines the fund from all angles. Usually targeted towards institutional clients.
  • Holdings Spotlight: Interim updates on index constituents and changes.
  • Customized Webpages

These materials can be either Indxx branded, or white-labeled.

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